∼ Release Date: 1st Oct 2015 Hardcover ∼

∼ Reprint Date: May 2017 (AUS & NZ), Oct 2017 (UK & USA) Softcover ∼

Dad has mowed the grass including all the dandelion flowers in it. His daughter is devastated. She was waiting for the flowers to turn into fluff balls so she could blow them away on the breeze. How will dad help his daughter mend her broken heart and help her blow the dandelion puff balls once more? See our Books page for more information.

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∼ Proposed Release Date: May 2019 (AUS & USA) ∼

A boy and his dad share a special journey involving building, learning, bonding, and a racing cart. Illustrated by Kirrili Lonergan and published by EK Books. See our Books page for more information.

Katrina McKelvey - Children's AuthorWelcome friends, family, colleagues, publishers, and stickybeaks.

I am a children’s author, wife and mum in no particular order. I perform all these jobs simultaneously and love all of them!

Picture books are my favourite type of book. I love how the words and pictures share a special bond – one is meaningless without the other - I believe a lot like the relationship between a husband and wife, and a parent and child.

My website has been designed so you can learn about me. My biography page has a few quirky facts - maybe facts you shouldn’t know. My reviews page will continuously change. It has many reviews of my first book - 'Dandelions'. You will find some interesting illustrations by my friend and illustrator, Kirrili Lonergan. The gallery page is full of photos of other children’s authors and illustrators I have met at presentations and festivals. You can follow my journey to publication and beyond by reading my blog or by visiting my Facebook page. The resources page is full of websites I use regularly to gather information about books and writing.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please contact me.

I facilitate a children's writing group through the Hunter Writers Centre. If you're a local children's author in Newcastle, feel free to join us.


Katrina Mckelvey

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